To the Hearts that are still Hurting


So will you give up on your body and let it suffer because you are too depressed to take care of it?Will you stop changing clothes because it feels so good to do nothing or everything seems too much of a work?

I ask her and she says, “I can feel the pain in my heart and has no will to do anything”.She feels good just sleeping in and when she try to go outside and party she feels disconnected.

She reminds me of myself three years ago and I sigh.How can I help my friend going through this depression phase.I can only be an ear or encourage her or give inspiring example or be one such example myself for her by telling how I coped up with it.But in the end if her heart still wants to long for something that will never be her’s and she wants to touch the memory of good times and then feel hurt in the present,how can I help her.

Sometimes I feel she just need to breathe and if she wants to feel sad she should and feel every emotion and eventually let them go.

But I know when that phase start to end and when you have played enough with your health and you are not able to recognize yourself in the mirror , it becomes difficult sometimes to picture that the “Best Days are Still Ahead of Us”.

I can only advise her to not feel guilty and to try immerse herself in her hobbies and remember who she was all along; what used to bring sparkle in her eyes as a kid ,what will make her laugh and smile and wanna make her work unconditionally.

She feel drained of energy and I know its not going to be easy but we have to value today and every single day as we do not want to tag this one more day to the ‘Months I was depressed’ but to the  ‘Months I started to get back on my feet’ and appreciate the ‘NOW’ again and not let actions of anyone else let my Journey be any less amazing than I had dream off.

I hope we all can choose or dream a new dream over feeling too comfortable and deserving of this pain.

I feel grateful that I was able to find something that I loved – ‘Writing’ and help myself , I hope my friend and others can find a will too to find their way out.And trust me “Best Days Start when we Believe in and Create them and it can be now or a month from now or a year from now – its in our hand” .




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