Symphony of Life


Life, I am amazed how you inspire me without producing any new example of courage to learn from but you let me start believing in me and through my conversation with other people taught my subconscious mind that it is possible.

When I will fly high I will remember the ground and my roots.I will be a true learner and will not take a single day for granted.I will live 200% of it and will be open to new ideas and surprises.I will be living in the moment and will be figuring out how can I articulate every experience I am bestowed upon to take me towards converting my goals to reality.

Life I want to live a day giving it my full commitment to make this journey worth.

I want to smell the fresh air of the morning and see the sun shine across the horizon, listen to bird chirp in the morning, prepare for the day calmly and own my day always leaving scope for learning and improvement.

Life as I am growing up I am learning the importance of symphony of the every moment and how I can hit a high note or a low and make it sound beautiful , it all depends on my action which I want to be amazing and beautifully carried out.

I am grateful to be able to write again today and be at peace and happy.




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