Finding Yourself Back – Day 25


Its 4:10 am in the morning, I am leaning at the balcony of my 9th floor, watching sky ,getting glimpses of night life ,watching plane passing by and thinking is it going to be ok?
As cold breeze of early morning touch my face I dream of already living a beautiful life full of warmth,happiness and peace.
I feel content in those moments and when I step back into my real world it inspires me to breathe and keep on working.
I am learning the importance of remainig resilient with every event happening in my life.I am learning to value more the  beautiful and happy moments in my life and cherish them more.
Learning to learn and grow and focus on positive.The ship sailing through the ocean of surprises I hope will lead to the treasure of life that will make sun glow more brighter on the soft skin of my face.
I am grateful for there was an angel to guide me today ,to teach me to be more wise.
I am grateful as life is amazing and I am doing things I really want to do.