Finding Yourself Back – Day 24

I had to stop myself  a lot today ,say “hey mind its fine! there are few more obstacles on the way but why give up or faint!! why be such a weak heart!! haven’t you learned anything in the process?”
I told my heart ” stop comparing yourself with a past version which existed in a different situation all together and just accept the reality”.
And ” hey you know reality, we cannot go back , that option do not exist and it will be a self invited torture for self “.
I said “hey face” instead of giving me an expression of self doubt and worry ,give me a smile and smile for you should be grateful like you were when you were in the bus today while commuting to office.You were thinking God gave you a chance to celebrate 28 years of existence while many have lost it – some lost willingly while for  some ,well they were not given an option and even if it was not their wish, life was brutally taken away from them.
So hey instead of having ten thousand reasons to doubt and worry ,just smile to be able to feel this wind on your face.
Some people says 80% winning is psychological so you are already there, just work 20% harder. Don’t give up to the illusion of the situation and feel blessed and  get up again ,wear that armor and sword and fight your battle till your last breathe until you win.
Grateful for I was able to focus on my goals today.

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