Finding Yourself Back – Day 23


There is quivering and fainting of heart in moments of disbelief

There is a sweat of satisfaction when hard work meets it target for the day

There are noises all around good or bad ones which sometimes effect me

There are days when I eat the most delicious handcook food

And days when I eat most unhealthy food just to save time

In pursuit of my goals I go through the phase of endless emotions

In pursuit of my goals I am also the captain of my ship

I see night sky and sigh at the moon, at the stars and feel warm

I sometimes take a walk in the night to observe people when I feel suffocated

When I feel too much and forget to be grateful

I find people on the streets ,some trying to make living

Some trying to just do everything to get through the day

I feel grateful again for hey how can I not be

Some days I lose and think of running to non existential past

Some days I decide to progress and learn from every mistake I made


I learn and grow everyday in the process

I learn and grow everyday in my journey on this earth

Feel grateful for my ship of life is making steady progress into the future.






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