Finding Yourself Back – Day 22



When you start in your first class probably when you are 4 or 5 you come to know about being graded and being tagged in this competitive world relatively, you progress every year ,you conquer you take a deep dive in the world of imagination with every book you read, books, that carries an incredible essence when you sniff through its pages at the very first moment when you buy them.You make sure you cover your notebooks and books with those brown cover and put the most colorful sticker carrying your name and sometimes at the end of yearly session you keep your favorite book safe with you.

You come out of school and go to college and meet new culture, new people.Some principles shaped you throughout your school life , you carry them with you and get amazed how different and varied version of you become after college.You enter the professional life with certain dreams and that overwhelming passion and smile on your faces but then you get consumed in the daily challenges or sometimes monotonous phase of life,sometimes start to feel bored, you try challenging yourself, try discovering yourself once again , take those trips which you remember till the end of your life as they leave everlasting mark on your life, you start to doubt again ,you start to feel suffocated sometimes too and sometimes certain things you imagined ,life reality breaks that mirror world of yours , you wake up thinking how do I still hold it in my hand, you at times evaluate and take a deep breathe and say “Hey life! , let me be the driver now!” ,lets ME NOW DECIDE not my circumstances and then you slowly and slowly consistently become the best version of you.

Feel grateful for I decided to become driver of my life.



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