Finding Yourself Back – Day 21


I learnt once that we as a human have a tendency to tilt towards a negative feeling more than the positive.We are smart enough to make a room for doubt when there is absolutely no need at all.We invite what if’s and then make everyday effort to deal with those what if’s to justify what we we are doing is right or we just block the what if’s all together as we know they never make it to arena.Sometimes feeling blessed and grateful is a choice ,in the times when nothing seems to be working in your favor and still be grateful and be kind,I think it has ripple effect and and we all know god gives us more chances , more moments to feel grateful.

Sometimes I start my day with a bundle of tangled nerves with varied thoughts wanting to unravel in all direction.Its a everyday process where I have to work on moving my inner compass to positivity and more so have to grow my resilience muscle stronger.As I progress now with my eyes open ,my mind awake and present in the moment, many times there will be moment where my mind will be having conflicting thoughts where examples I will witness will make my inner compass go vulnerable.Sometimes my wisdom over the years will help and sometimes I will just act in the moment even though I will regret it later.

I think I cannot predict anything but can feel grateful for things,people and everything present in my life, and progress everyday. Some days I will be amazed by the beauty of life and some days I will be shocked.I feel grateful for today ,that started with so many conflicting and sometimes negative thoughts,I was able to find peace.



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