Finding Yourself Back – Day 20

My first experience of snow happened when I turned 25.I went to a hill station in the north . Apparently it was also my first solo outing.I still remember how scared I was when I did that but cannot forget the confidence that floated over my face afterwards.I booked a hotel where people were very kind from driver to everyone I met.The valley I visited was no doubt a heaven.And the second day of my trip when I woke up , the view from my window was of the mountains covered in snow.It snowed in the night I came to know later.It was pleasing to eyes and so much refreshing.Thinking about it always bring smile on my face.
I went to one of the spot where via trolley we reached the peak of the mountains within a minute or two and as I reached there it started snowing again.
And that was my first time I experienced snow falling over me.It was cold to the level that as soon as it started to snow people were rushing back to the mountain base.I remember my hands freezing but me in no rush but just wanted to be in that moment.
If that girl in that moment who was happy beyond words had known that in coming years she will go through dramatic life changing phases ,she wouldn’t have believed.
Now as I look back I feel grateful for I was able to experience so much beauty that exists on this earth.I have a responsibility now to live this life again like the daredevil I was before.

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