Finding Yourself Back – Day 19


Its almost the next day now,today I woke up with a mild headache in the morning,and my eyes were hurting from not sleeping much last night.As the morning grew on me so did my sickness because of a lot of things.

I did not feel good for the longest time ,I wanted to do the pity party again,wanted to take a U turn but when enough is enough then there is no turning point.Today was the test of true patience and persistence for me.In those moment ,feeling sick in my stomach, I already wanted to exaggerate my situation rather than finding a solution.Perhaps then it clicked me that I need is  to find solution to my problems not exaggerate them.

Perhaps then I talked to myself about it and said- “Hey , what can be the solution in this scenario, what can I do to not feel same or feel better”.

I told myself again and again – “This is the process and I cannot give up now”.I told myself lets be patient and utilize time wisely in the best possible way.I started again and rather than focusing on the negative ,I started slowly and slowly focusing on the positive.

I thought I would not be able to accomplish anything today,but sometimes going slow does not means you are not moving, sometimes turtle also wins the race and this was no race but it was just a slow move into the future and I am grateful I made it happen today and did accomplish few tasks.

Grateful for many situations turned out positive today and helped me to move in the right direction.Reminds me of the quote

“God help those who help themselves”




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