Finding Yourself Back – Day 18


“A lily in May, is far better than growing like an old oak tree”.When I was a kid,I read this poem at school and it somehow found a space in my memory /my heart and still does even now.

May is also the season when Lily flowers blossom,on my way to school, riding on my bike,I would try to find Lilly in people`s lavish outdoor garden and it was one of the house where I actually found them.

That was one the most wonderful feeling when I was able to see a row of Lily flowers blooming in May and they did lasted less than a week but yes left an impression for the whole year.

It wasn’t just a reference in the poem – to not get comfortable in the current situation and grow like an old oak tree but also not to live or invite similar kind of emotions/situations to let yourself be tortured by others which I felt for a longest time. It took years to get out of that phase and to know the importance of being like a lily rather than an be an old oak tree.

I think we all know somewhere in our heart what is good for us and sometimes when situation seems favorable or becomes way over bearable level we decide to become lily again.

We come out of the shell of hard cover, we grow and we live in the moment and instead of being neutral like having a shield ,we react to hot and cold weather ,just be beautiful in the right amount of time in the right moment.It the time when you are reborn leaving behind the pain of yesterday and trusting yourself to the very end and recreate yourself and your future in the way you want.You truly become Lily.

Feel grateful I broke my shell finally and hope May will keep inspiring the Lily in me.




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