Finding Yourself Back – Day 17


I just watched “Ellen’s coming out 20 years celebration” – ‘A Celebration of Courage’.She was first one to show that courage and after effects included stripping down of all her previous achievements, and she had to start afresh.

She came out in late 30’s ,an age when people normally wants to feel secure in their daily jobs ,she found the courage to build herself up from scratch again at that time and it was tough in every way possible but she did not give up.She said in her 20 years celebration episode,”she wouldn’t change anything because it gave her a chance to celebrate herself as who she is with her audience and she is very grateful for it”.

I feel really thankful to her for showing people like me that you can start over and find peace with who you are and that its all about courage and persistence and right choices that you have made now so keep on working hard and believing that things are going to work for you.

Feel grateful for been able to celebrate people like Ellen and live in same era as them.



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