Finding Yourself Back – Day 16


Today was a beautiful day,I started late in the morning, not very proud of it but it was necessary for me to let my mind rest.I finished cooking lunch and dinner by early afternoon and thereafter sat to study again.In the evening when my roommate was sleeping ,bright sun rays were trying to bake up the room every way possible and as those rays were making the ways through the gaps in the curtains, they lit up the complete room.Like lighting up my soul and telling me to just be happy and work on your dreams and believe its possible and to never doubt anything like last night I did.

By the evening 6 pm I started feeling very hungry perhaps due to continuous studying and by 7-8 pm I started craving for my hometown snacks which I had recently discovered were also available in this new city.I started conversation about having a craving for them and my roommate who also wanted to have some also got interested in having some,so we decided first to give the shopkeeper a call for home delivery as we both felt so lazy to go, even though we knew that shop doesn’t home delivers.And yes our vague attempt went into vain.

We finally decided that lets go and get it.Within a span of 15 min we made a round trip and were excited to get them.As we were coming back sitting in the rickety auto, moon after a fortnight escape, was also shining above us which my roommate commented looked like was smiling at us.

It wasn’t a day of big achievement to make it beautiful one but it was a day where I actually lived in the present and felt grateful for small small things in my life.



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