Finding Yourself Back – Day 15


I was in 6th grade and we just were assigned three parts social studies book -History,Geography and Civics.It was most horrifying and reinforced a sense of seniority in most of my classmate as now we were to read more subjects and detailed one too.I remember being scolded for forgetting frequently my history book at home and my teacher used to get very mad at me.During the first quarterly exam, I don`t know what happened, perhaps it was the fear of new subjects or maybe lack of preparation that I got the lowest marks ever in my life in History.My teacher was mad at such a poor performance of few kids including me as she was announced about it in front of class and predicted with this rate we would fail in the Half Yearly Exam.

Something happened I think afterwards, I remember sitting in History class and my teacher after the lesson was over, pointing at me and asking “Are you still in the class mentally”? ,something changed, as I opened the gates of my imagination to the limitless extent and when teacher used to talk about any historic event in detail, I used to picture it all like a movie in my head.I think there was a persistent effort plus thirst to know more and more made me not fear anymore but be excited about History.During the next Half Yearly exam , the teacher who used to me mad at me most of the time for my bad performance was shocked to her core,when she evaluated my History score.

I still remember she came to the class and was so shocked that she asked me to come up front along with a few other student who topped the test.She couldn’t stop talking and praising me in front of the class after that.And took my example in the other two class sections too .

Today when I was thinking about persistently working towards my goal , I was thinking  what was it then , was it just imagination and power to remember and reproduce in exam or was it more.How can I remain motivated for the dreams I am pursuing now.And then it hit me that perhaps all i need to do is get rid of the fears and be excited about everything and be thirsty and to be wise to know its a process and it tests people patience and hard work and thus motivated or not, persistence is very important.

Feel grateful that I am persistently pursuing my dream now and getting to work on things that I am passionate about.



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