Finding Yourself Back – Day 14


Rain was a seasonal thing in the place I grew up.I did not like everything about it but I did like the clouds,the lightening and the dripping from the rooftop and leaves.Our house sometimes used to get leakage and and rain water used to seep in.But I as a kid would love to make boats and me and my brother used to compete for whose boat gonna win the race.Along the wind the scent of rain and wet earth used to send a sense of refreshment to our soul. Sometimes people of the society, used to go to the roof and enjoy and become wet and play in the rain.Other times people would be humming some songs or playing one on the radio.

It so happened one rainy day,I decided to go against the wishes of my family to not take bike tuition ,which my elder brother had drove to home and was soaked in rain,as the chances that it will breakdown were higher.But I was getting late for my tuition and I did not pay heed.I met a very severe accident that day because the honker was not working which i realized later.Afterwards maybe I started to feel not the same about the rain but it wasn’t that I started hating rainy season or the rain but I pretended for a long time that I  did.

Sometimes we agree to certain things and try to match to others level just to be accepted or maybe liked.But is it even worth to loose your identity in the process and at times when deserted, feel like you are looking at a totally unknown person as you look into the mirror because its not who you are.

Its not right to give anyone this power over yourself that we forget who we are like some people says – ‘be apologetically yourself’.Embrace yourself.

I am grateful I am able to find myself back in that reflection of mine in the mirror.




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