Finding Yourself Back – Day 13


Life is not fair sometimes,sometimes it try to test our patience, sometimes it give us situations we think most catastrophic like anyone can ever face.
My friend says “still when you see other people around you and realize your problems are nothing compare to that and if you are given a chance to trade off your problem with them , you will choose yours to face”.So we have to face them anyways ,hmm and perhaps the person I will grow into will be wiser one i hope.I always thought the problem i am facing today and things that have been introduced to my life were to teach me patience.I know now what its like to wait pateintly for things to change for years. Sometimes I wonder ,theses colors of life that now i have seen on this earth,was it even that worth to deteriorate health and self like this.One wise person quoted recenlty “Experience is a silver lining so just hang in there you will be a stronger person when you come out it and if any such situation comes in future you will be able to just wipe it like dust off your shoulder”.I am on the other side now and am working harder than ever on my dreams,I think yes i did become stronger and yes I learnt a lot on this journey and met friends ,moved to new city and trying to be peaceful.I think if i made this far,its possible to go even further.Guess I just have to focus on next step instead of whole stair.

Grateful that i made this far,grateful for a lot of things which god looked after when I didn’t think i had any energy left to do.



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