Finding Yourself Back – Day 12


When I was in some 7th or 8th grade, i remember me being very studious and waking up very early.I would hear birds chirp on the trees all around fighting for their spot on the tree branches.It used to be amazing to go on the rooftop at such an early hour.I would sit and study their till early afternoon  and when  an airplane flying over my head used to catch my eyes, i would dream to be flying in one someday .Sometimes during the winter time, me and my family used to spend the whole afternoon on the roof.My mom used to make potato chips and used to take those freshly sliced hot potatoes’s pieces and place them in the sun to dry them up.Sometimes it would be smell of freshly prepared pickle or some papad,hmm,every time used to make my mouth water,even now thinking about them.I remember sometimes laying on my back and just watching the shape of the cloud and ,watching birds flying in groups to their shelter back at the dusk.Sometimes just laying and feeling so free in my head from all the worries of exam next day and dreaming to live life like that, where I could just feel so free while laying in the sun and just be blinded by the beauty of clouds and nature around.

Other times when constellations used to appear during dusk I would just not stop from gazing at the sky and sometimes used to be lucky to see milky way.Night sky has been inspiring to me always.When during hot summer time we used to sleep on roof,I would fall asleep watching stars ,talking to them in my head as i would personify them too.

I loved those times as a kid and i wish to be reconnected to me and nature around with that excitement in my eyes again.

Feel grateful to be able to live those moments which were a routine then but now i realize they were wonderful moments of my life without a doubt.



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