Finding Yourself Back – Day 11


Yesterday in the night I was feeling very exhausted after spending the whole day mostly in front of laptop ,studying and preparing for the test.

My eyes had started to hurt and I was feeling tired.It was dinner time,I took a nap for half an hour but it did not help much, then I just went to the drawing area where other girls were sitting and watching TV.I asked if anyone would be interested to go for a stroll,and everyone agreed.The night sky was clear and stars were shining ,there was also a refreshing cold wind on the move.

We went to the Terrace Garden of the society and for me it was the first time there.It looked beautiful even though there was not much light around,we took many rounds on the walking lane and sat for sometimes on the bench.Then walked a bit more, talked a bit more, joked occasionally mixed with laughter.By the time we came back ,I could feel my tiredness gone ,refreshing me to the soul.

Today,in the early morning when I woke up,I went to the Balcony for a quick stroll ,I could see a few fields which somehow have survived in this area of heavy construction,I saw from my 9th floor sun rays lighting up the tip of the crops.And as I was observing and pacing back and forth, I saw an old man at one end of the field, doing long breathing exercise ,tilting his head and bowing to sun,made me smile and think – should I be making excuses as a young person of feeling tired and exhausted where this old man has managed to do a full routine exercise.

Feel grateful and blessed for having wonderful flatmates and for the time we share together.For universe reinforcing the sense of persistence in me by showing me examples.



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