Finding Yourself Back – Day 10


Growing up ,it was a habit of mine to tease my younger brother for little things and especially delicious food ,like if i used to go home during holidays and eat finest food cooked by my Mom, I would make sure to brag about it to make my younger brother  jealous.It was that kind of thing where the teasing was limited to the realm of innocence and was a reflection of something we cherish together and yes he would do the same too whenever he would have a chance.

As we grow older ,sometimes we forget the little things we used to cherish and we just don`t get excited about things anymore and become too busy to redefine happiness. Sometimes when this happiness we chase, sometimes,when its starts to appear hollow, we start to remember small things and gesture that used to make our day beautiful.

So,yesterday having found a shop in this new city which sells  signature delicious Indian fast food from my hometown, after a long time I started cherishing those moments again and bragged about the delicious fast food I had access to ,while in conversation with my younger brother,about how i am able to enjoy it in this new place and attempted to tease him as it is not available in Delhi where he lives.

Though my attempts were feeble but it wasn’t the point , so it does not matter. All I wanted to do was just to feel that joy of talking on those lighter notes and be able to share those moments with my younger brother and laugh about it.

Feel grateful for being able to cherish beautiful moments with my family.



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