Finding Yourself Back – Day 9


I was very bad in maths as a kid, I remember my dad teaching me some concepts from book in which I was too bad.It was 4th grade and that time everyone in the class used to have a fear of maths subject and nobody used to score high.It was one evening which i still remember sometimes,my dad shouted at me in frustration as I was not been able to grasp the concept  .I don`t remember the exact lines he said but something on the lines to try to understand concept and not to cram a topic without applying brain.I remember me crying to sleep that night ,trying to control my breathe as I was crying.That day something changed,next day on wards,I started on my own patiently understanding every topic in maths and tried to understand why a particular thing is calculated a particular way.My score in maths improved and  i remember teacher appreciating my performance in final test.From 5th grade on wards i started scoring better and better marks in maths and in the 6th one i was the only student who would received 100% marks in all the three class sections we had.This trend continued afterwards till a very long time.I think ,somewhere in the process the ,maybe i,the kid from 4th grade who was least interested in or was fearful of or was careless about,  began to love maths and no doubt it became my favorite subject.Now I can see why i cried a lot when i gave up on the subject in 11th standard to pursue other stream.

When in graduation, i encountered maths again.I remember me solving complete exercise of Integration and Differentiation topic in a matter of minutes when other were still trying to solve first question.

Its been a long time now ,almost 5 to 7 years that I did any math and again i am preparing for a test that needs me to know maths.To be honest i forgot even simple calculations and had to rebuild my concept from scratch.I was trying to remember complex question solutions to be able to repeat it in the test ,when,I think it struck me or I remembered my dad lines and thus my urge to fall in love with math began again.

Grateful for i still am able to build myself up.



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