Finding Yourself Back – Day 8


Sitting at the office bus stop as my day is towards its end i am wondering a lot as I am trying to resist the cold breeze,trying to breathe through the roughness of the day and trying to  focus on the positive and trying to appreciate small things which sometimes is not as easy as it may seems.My colleague,a senior person,with whom I was working now for almost 8 months,left today and before leaving told me to keep on working on my dreams and that I have a bright future.I went to guitar class today and my mentor for the first time appreciated me for performing better than ever.I was able to manage my day ;was able to cook and run for bus spot in the hot afternoon hoping i would make it  on time to reach office and felt grateful when I did.It was a positive day if i see and appreciate the positive things.Keeping vision consistent and having faith in oneself sometimes – yes does not come easy but its much better and brighter than giving in.
I feel grateful for all the good things that happened today.



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