Finding Yourself Back – Day 7


Yesterday was a very rough day , i was forced to make decisions to let some people go.Not forced by anyone but by my current choices in life.I have seen people dragging me in the past ,keeping me in the loop and sucking every piece of positive energy off my life but never telling me the truth.So when this time I was in a position where I could have let other people stay and feel happy momentarily and had dragged them, I choose not to do so.Right now I am just feeling sad that this person is gone now.Its a wise decision to do the right thing at the right time but the pain still remains.How can i feel positive in moments like these.. i think i have to remember the good part of it all, remember the goals that are special to me and the reason i let other people go.Its surprising to me sometimes, why we are in these shoes to keep on choosing one thing over the other and cannot have it all.Its very hurtful for the moment,i hope i be able to feel content in the decision I made.I have to keep on believing for a reason to live ,for a future i have to imagine every part of it in my head as that is what i can do in these moments to remain positive.

Feeling grateful for things in my life that i can still take care of me.



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