Finding Yourself Back – Day 6


Lights , they carry that default feeling of warmness with them .I travel home from office every day via a small office bus and I always choose the window seat.
During night as we move from office through the market and the residential area, I see little shops on the street sides lined up one after the other sparkling in the led lights,I see people laughing with their friends and loved ones at some food counter as they eat,I see people lined up in front of ATM to get the cash,I see shop keepers trying to do as much sale as possible during the last hour before they shut down the shop for the night,I see people standing at the bus stop waiting for a local bus to come to reach home,I see big hoardings on both side of the streets and try to connect every message they carry to something universe might be trying to convey to me.Sometimes I even see some people sleeping on the roadside,I see a crowd of people at the liquor shop ,sometimes I put earphones on and listen to music as I travel,sometimes I don’t need the music as the ambiance carry a rhythm to it and when sometimes ,in moments when I am not loaded with selfish thoughts of mine and try to live in the moment, and just observe,I hear that music ,a music of positivism ,smell of good street food and as I reach my stop , I see old watchmen smiling at me,greeting me for the night and sometimes cracking a joke,sometimes reading my face advising me to be ‘Happy’.

I feel grateful to live in the city which carry so much positive vibes in the air,sometimes the smell in the air reminds me of the city where I grew up and take in to my childhood.



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