Finding Yourself Back – Day 5

100-days-of-Meditation-Day-5a.jpgBeyonce said in one of her videos – “If we are going to heal, let it be glorious”.
So I thought to myself,let it be glorious too, we are going to start again, aim higher,
and be always kind ,even though the main reason we started is due to unkind behavior of some people towards us.
We don’t need to become an unkind person or change our values, all we have to do is become strong enough
and smart enough to know when to stop people so that we don’t let anyone hurt us anymore.
The first time in months I felt peaceful after a long dark period of time was when I gave me new goals to achieve in my life.It made me cry watching videos of other people achieving similar dream ,the one I really wanted now.
People say you have to differentiate what you are feeling right now from what you now want in your life.
You know the truth now and it would be fooling yourself and wasting the most important ingredient which is time in the process.So,lets put effort to nurture our self once again, lets give our self those wonderful goal in life which we really wanted as were growing up and were special one to us but somewhere we got distracted.Lets get up and start the journey again and feel blessed for we have time and resources to achieve those goals.
Let those goals and the healing process be glorious.And always give priority to that happiness which we are going to create by our hard work not to the happiness which is something we expected from the presence of other people in our life.
Feel grateful that I started my journey.



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