Finding Yourself Back – Day 4


I am 28 now and sometimes you may doubt your capability to learn and grow and when people around you are always reminding you of a certain age been linked with the success factor or the capability to achieve something ,you for some moment start wondering does that person really have a point.

I for one moment believed those noises but a part of me was not ready to accept as I have witnessed many people achieve wonderful things in their 30’s and 40’s as well.

I joined guitar classes not just because I like guitar or there were free classes at office  or that I bought guitar during final years of post graduation but couldn’t find time until now but because I wanted to show myself  that I can learn things even now.

And so after weeks of failing at first,I started catching up and started doing practice regularly and the woman in disbelief in her capabilities was at peace.I realized in that guitar class full of vibrant notes that all you really need is focus,ability to improve on what you are already doing and practice.

I feel grateful to be in that class because I found many mentors and colleagues who encouraged me and told me its just a matter of practice and time and that you will be able to play the chords like anyone else.Makes me thankful to be part of that class and as I learn makes me more focused and confident towards my goal I want to achieve in this life.




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