Finding Yourself Back – Day 3


I have been going to dentist regularly for a tooth treatment and renewal for more than three weeks now.To be honest i never visited dentist in my life before and now when she proceed even with a simple procedure i start to faint.

There is an instrument to light up my mouth which stays in front of my eyes a lot and the center part of this light instrument has a tag which reads – “confident”.Dentist sometimes along with coworker when i start to faint shouts “Be strong!! we are here for you!”.

There is also a painting of a historic figure ,who is famous for doing the the most heroic thing for this city,on the wall which i am able to see during the treatment.

Sometimes when i sit there during the appointment,sometimes when i revive and think “hey its fine ,its just going to hurt this much and then there are doctor around and the whole room is sending these vibes to remain strong”, i think  i can trust in the process that things will be less painful in the end.And now as we are in the final phase of the treatment i am able to see from the results that how good it feels.

I think to myself maybe this life has sometimes procedure that may sound painful and that i would just wanna faint thinking of pain but i can also remain strong during that time and create a wonderful future for me.Feel grateful to see examples in my life that shows howsoever tough it gets, there is a way out and that we have to just trust the process and keep working and keep breathing.



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