Finding Yourself Back – Day 2


I am in love with trees ever since childhood.During my school days I would personify them and think of them as my friend when no real one was around.

My favorite tree is the one with yellow bright flowers,its shine is bright full as sun and it is the time of the year now when the flowers on that tree blossoms.In Delhi there were many of them in front of my house and i would get excited about them,feel happy to see them grow .People would actually get all ready with their family and sit under its shadow to take family pic,children used to play around it and used to shake it to make Flower shower over them.

The new place I moved to didn’t know if that tree would be anywhere near as I live on 9th floor now.

Few weeks ago,I was getting down the bus in the office campus area and was hurrying to office reception area when towards the very end section of the way which is surrounded by  different types of trees, I saw it.

It brought that warm feeling in my heart and the most innocent smile on my face.I feel extremely grateful for that tree is around, and that  I get to see it every day to office.








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