Find yourself back – Day1


I want to write a few lines to para everyday just to pause and breathe and remember me.Some people I let in my life hurt me bad enough and now I am just not peaceful.I hope I will be able to find peace and be consistent on my way and remind me of small amount of goodness everyday in my life.

I feel blessed I haven`t reached a total blackout stage but still have a strong will and a wish to get over things and wants to be positive and be myself.

Today as I woke up,my head was wandering in lot of direction and I had to stop myself every single minute.I asked myself tell me 5 things you are grateful about that you see in your room.

First one – The ‘Sister’ poster my younger brother gifted me which make me grateful for my family love and care about me.

Second one – The ‘Wardrobe’ – I lived for sometime when i had a temp wardrobe made out of clothes and it was too difficult to keep my clothes.I feel grateful for the wardrobe i have now ,a wooden one spacious enough to keep my things.

Third one – ‘The ‘bed’ , I was sleeping on sofa at my brother rental house and many times guest would be over and I did not had a place to sleep ,so I am thankful for the bed I have.

Fourth one – ‘Guitar’ , I feel blessed to have guitar and that there are guitar classes i get to attend.Its a relaxing time and I feel most grateful for the positive vibes that i receive there.

Fifth one – ‘Things to cook’ ,I feel grateful to be able to cook and have a stomach full as I know of the days when i would not be able to do so.

I feel blessed that ok,life may have some rough patches for the moment but still there are many things I should be grateful about.

I am really thankful from the bottom of my heart for these things which are in my room, speaking of which ,I am grateful for I have a room too.

People says to me be happy about the little things that you are blessed with and it will amplify and you will see the difference.



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