Woman – Agent of Change


I was listening to Michelle Obama speech on woman empowerment and she talked about the story of how she started off as an individual from a working class background and worked really hard and top of it kept believing that she is capable of going to a good university and that her situation and circumstances need not be her reality that she can rise above all if she dedicate herself truly in pursuit of a better future.
No wonder it was an inspiring talk as people like me can relate to it so much , who as the years go by and wake up every single day have to make a consistence choice whether to give in or keep fighting.Sometimes mind takes us to dark places that the picture and position as our society holds for us is the only way ,other times we are complete rebellion and are overflowing with the dreams and possibilities.And knowing some people made it all the way and succeeded like Michelle Obama by there sheer hard work and determination let our dreams breathe.
And thus the choice is made every single day to keep on going and to keep moving forward.To never settle but be an example so that others can also make those choices in our community and see things are actually possible.
Another thing which is constantly bugging me is what happens to most of the girls even the educated ones once they are married.In the words of one of my friend “Most people wants a full time maid instead of a wife”.
Finding it true for some of my friend who once I worked with and were strong independent women and now are living a housewife life and are not been able to work on their dream which they still care about because of societal responsibility makes me wonder why is this society, the basic building block of which were setup maybe more than 100 years ago, is not flexible enough to change itself and progress.
I know we woman have to do something about it and that we have to set examples that it change and we already are,but just sometimes it becomes unbearable when people have the wisdom and knowledge and they actually know what they are doing is not right but still continues to live on those principle and do not contribute a hand in changing society norms.I just hope that this is a minor group and that repercussion are not severe and that we become part of an active society ready to weigh the positives and negatives of a change and be up for one.And I think this responsibility to be the agent of the change lies majorly with woman today and that we have to become empowered enough and not let society manipulate us but be the one to change it for good.


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