When loosing focus …

Out of focus lights

We as a human,love tough times,as during those we feel victimized and believe in ourself when no one else does.
We work hard in every kind of situation then we are facing just to achieve a goal we set for ourself, we want to prove us and others wrong about our perception which is that we couldn’t be better.
But what happens when things begin to change, what happens when a path is provided to you and you are halfway through and seeing your progress so far, universe trying to help you and providing you a better environment and opportunities to work much harder on your dream,what really happens?
To me, at first it was a feeling of gratefulness and then slowly and slowly I began to not be that serious about it as I was in the start and became comfortable with the environment so much that I forgot the goal I started with.
I began to invite the past, that haunted me that I wanted to forget but now in a better situation instead of focusing on making it even more better and consistently working towards achieving a goal I misused the time and went back and tried to see if things from past can now become a present or future, giving a little importance to the goals I set in the darker times.Darker times when past did not care , times when only one thing kept me going was that I wanna achieve this and will work hard to do justification with the goal, I set.But coming half way through and loosing focus and trying to reconnect with the past was never I thought I will do.
I learnt once hard way how precious our time is, and me again playing with my life and my time is making me disbelieve in me.
Its even harder to focus when things get a bit easy and present attracts so much that goal we set for future seems ok if we end up failing at it.
But present is just an illusion because this happiness of short term success is going to fade away and the real peace that comes from working on something you believed in strongly and something which you really want to achieve,something that actually gave to courage to keep moving forward is only thing worth fighting for is what you need to remember.The only talk I want to give to my changed self today is don`t get consumed in the goodness of today, yes certainly be grateful for it or even be happy that things are changing for better but fight with your inner-self to consistently work on things that will make you happier in long term.


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