When moving to New City



When I made the decision to move to the new city, I was just hoping I be able to forget past and start a new life but its not a day transformation that makes it happens.

And every move in the new city which seems like an alien thought or something we are scared off throw us back to those places where we try to be comforted by the memories of past.

Its been almost three weeks now in the new city with the first one gone in emotional flood of leaving family and just getting used to the weather of the new city and in getting to know the new office, new people around.

I tried to find flaw in everything and more but the truth is , this is the city of my favorite god Ganesha.

He somehow guided me to the good and saved me from getting into lot of troubles like I got the place to stay easily , in a day I was able to shop all household stuff in a city I didn`t knew anything about, I was able to do those things in few days was truly a god grace and I feel grateful for the same.

Today a miracle example happened ,when in Delhi , back in days when I used to live with other girls in different rented place than living with my family ,there was one girl who was already 32 but still strong.Her family was not supportive at all and it looked she would never find the one for her but today  after almost two years from that time, she found one and I am 100% sure he is everything she always dreamt off, my roomie in this new city who also knew her told me, good things in abundance happens for the one who wait  and it may take time but things happen and it just bought a huge smile on our faces.

She is definitely an example for us in late 27 , lost hope and give in most of the days into negative thinking ,she just made us to  revisit our thoughts and to believe in us more and just take a decision.

Thinking of which, its still very tough for me to not think of my past but then examples like today makes me just want me to get it all together and believe in me and that I just have to let go,  to get the feeling of the new city as I still have not been able to get the vibes of the new city as of yet, not been able to be 100% in the present even though I am already here.

Its easy to think you will move into new city and will forget the past and will focus on the present but it takes huge amount of self control ,work and discipline of emotions to not crave for the past thoughts when things get little out of the way we thought they would be or when sitting alone in new place over the weekend not give into the thoughts of the past.

Because like my roomie said, if you will continue to do this there is no benefit in moving to new city, you are not letting your mind be free.



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