Two weeks back I was at the metro station and still not sure how I got in this situation but then for one last time I asked my younger brother who has come to drop me off to the last stop before I could catch my flight.I asked “You think its a right decision to go?”

Almost two months ago I got a call for interview for a different city for a good position and I said yes to it and got selected somehow.

I was not happy and was not sure whether I was up for it but it felt like I have to take this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and to help me be in harmony with my past.

I remember when my laptop broke and very next day I was in serious need of some cash and got my current job.

I knew then I had to take that one, it was a good journey for me as I started to see things more clearly then ever and even though I was depressed somehow I learnt to breathe again.I learnt from my colleagues who had stories of their own that its possible to get up again and it may take time but you will be focused and will have a direction and will love life again.They in that tiniest office taught me how to keep going and just keep faith.There were times when I felt breathless but I tried to accept the reality as well.I had become a runner myself and was running away from a lot of things including my reality but now it was time to accept it and I towards the end of it started seeing and started working on building new dreams.I remember I almost cried watching one video which depicted the future I now tried to see for me.

I remember me making plans and really working hard with no exception this time.I was indeed got up and started preparing for the exam which in a way saved me and made me peaceful.

But seems like things at home were not going well as I was still not married and there was always an air of tension in the house and my presence made it so visible to my parents.I got distracted again and once again could not give my 100 percent.

But then I received this call and like I said I got the job in a new city.So even though I love my family more than anything and that I will miss moments of my niece growing up.I knew that I had to leave.

It was very hard the first day in the new city, It was raining very heavily and I couldn’t help crying as I was missing my family in my lonely room.My only contact in this new city was living in a different rented flats with 5 other girls.There was no place in Flat so I was to look for a different one.

But somehow in a week one of the girl left and the place became available and I moved in with my friend.

She said to me very first day , it may be destiny that you had to be here and it may be because it never so happens that the place becomes available so readily.

She told me to be grateful to god and to believe that there is a positive bright future that awaits you.

And just being here and meeting her made me feel it may be a start of new journey and that dreams I saw I can make them possible and that if I look back and connect the dots things make so much sense like it was destiny.




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