I recently heard this phrase – “If you want to succeed in life you got to love your family first”.

Yesterday, was again another day  where I was coming back from shopping ,completely immersed in my thoughts .I remember commenting my brother “Man ! your room cooler has made the whole house humid!!”.And then,as I reached my room,my state changed from total exhaustion to total panicking.I had lost my costly cellphone and my metro pass.I shook everything out of my regular bag and then carried some money and rushed to the door,to reach the subway stop if there were still any chances to get it back.

By this time I was thinking two things could have had happened, either it got out in the e-rickshaw I took to reach home or at the traffic crossing where, again some people asking for money approached me , I had doubt as I did not offer anything and my phone was almost projecting out of my side pocket , there were chances it was swiftly pick pocketed.

But lately things in my life demotivated me so much that I wasn’t surprised I was loosing track of my things.

While I was running to reach few blocks away to find a commute to subway , I was looking back a lot.I was thinking , will my younger brother  join me in search too or will I be just alone.I looked one to many times and I almost reached the block and sighed , maybe they do not care.I had been feeling alone a lot lately in every decision I was making for me, though my family was there but was silent about whatever I had decided to do with my life.But then , I saw my younger brother came running at the fastest speed possible .

That action itself calmed me down inside, he told me , Mom told Father over the phone , and that he will leave office early and will drive us, so we don’t need additional commute.

So we waited for my father,I was still in the process of realizing what has happened and was just thinking , it was a very costly phone bought by me when I had a good job once and now not so sure if will be able to replace it with a good one and if we will wait for father to arrive ,it will be too late , maybe.Then I wanted to tell my younger brother , he can wait for father to come , I ,by the time will take a ride in auto and will start searching.But then I dropped this idea knowing , I have to be just patient and my panicking or rushing wont help , because it was already like 20-25 minutes and if it was stolen there were 0 percent chances to get it back now and in city like Delhi which is overcrowded and such incidents are common , there didn’t seem to be any chance at all.

I therefore just breathe and was now sitting at a sidewalk ,too tired to remain standing now.

As I was thinking all those things and was just sitting there , I heard the e-Rikshaw driver who dropped me home before , shouting at a distance,”Madam, I have the cellphone and the metro card with me which you dropped off your pocket”.

I said,”What really!!!!”.I rushed towards the rickshaw , my brother was looking in another direction so he didnt notice.

I rushed and the e-Rikshaw owner explained, the other passenger boarding the Rickshaw noticed the phone and the card and informed him.E-Rickshaw driver had dropped me few times now and always used to drop me few blocks away from the home so he said ,”Well ,I thought that , I will ask the people around about the exact home location and will hand it over”.

By now,I had waved my brother showing him the phone and card . We both were just relived and ecstatic to receive the phone back.We thanked the Rickshaw owner for this  gratitude which is something not this common in today’s world because if you loose something , you just never get it back.We paid him some money as a token of thanks and then as we were to leave for home , my father reached the point as well and we waved ,its all good now and that we found it.And not just that I saw my Mom also came walking at the same time and was just few steps away from us .We all took a ride back home together in my fathers car.

Incident like this is nothing I would want to happen but incident like this shows you the people  who really cared about you will be there for you.

My younger brother leaving his studies, my Mom leaving her household work at home ,My Dad leaving his office work in the middle and rushing to us.

These are the moments make me realize I am really a fool if I look for a sign of less expressed love of my family.


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