Random Impresssions



When winter surrenders it weapons to the rising heat,we know a new era is about to come , we know time is about to change, and to reflect it just, nature starts putting on multicolored  obscene  dresses.It wears exotic red roses of spring to bright green colored newly arriving leaves.

And then days goes by and summer starts, and this time summer came quite early and it baffled us with the strength and power it arrived with,and yes it arrived as early as in March this year.

Its May and its unusual for temperature to be as high as 50 degrees.Children have already gotten preoccupied with cold juices ,ice creams and yogurt on their menu.Machines to make rooms cooler have gotten busy too.

And when I walk out to reach the subway to go to office ,I can feel the sweat all over my attire as early as 8 in the morning.

There`s a dripping sweat off my forehead when I reach the subway ,still waiting for train to arrive.

And when I reach my destination stop and sit along side four others, in the rickety rickshaw to reach office , it becomes harder to breathe, the hot lashes of wind across my forehead give me a sure headache and stop me from reaching my full potential at work.

But as I sit in that rickety rickshaw and as we go by, I observe so many stalls on the roadside , one for to drink cold water , other young chap squeezing last drop of juice out of sugarcane for his customer, some preparing delicious quick morning breakfast recipe and I see a cobbler sitting on side walk facing the busiest traffic and noise with all his tools to mend shoes,I see people sweating but still standing in the way of fervor heat majesty refuting to give up .They stand and sit under the sun every morning just to make a living.And as I sit in that rickety rickshaw I know we are there to help them make a living by loathing the scorching heat completely on our knees given up to the heat majesty.

By the evening as I come out of the office  and off the subway reach near my place, I walk my way back home.I feel a relief,I see evening joggers I see old couple taking stroll,I hear bird chirp as the dawn fades away. I watch trees , trees top my favorite thing in the world and by the time night arrives I make it to home.

Sometimes during the summer it becomes difficult to sleep at night but I let my door open for the wind to pass to cool my room ,sometimes I take stroll past midnight in my balcony ,sometimes I read ,and sometimes I wonder about summer and about life.



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