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As I looked outside the window I can see two parrots so delicately maintaining the balance sitting on a tiny branch at one end of a big Mango tree in my Backyard.I can see one feeding on still unripe mangoes and as I see through the window I can feel the summer heat on my skin ,I can feel the thirst in my breathe and I am just keenly observing the parrots ,the birds of green color reminding something about green birds someone once used to say to me and then I shifted my thoughts to “Birdman” which I finally watched and wanted to just understand what just happened in there,why the drumbeats are still so alive in my ear even if the movie has ended .As I walk back to my room I sighed I will be back in real world in a moment now those moment of ecstasy of being living in a movie are towards its end.And I still just want to ponder a bit more ,think a bit more think of the carcass like feeling the actor felt passing by at the sea beach being fed on by the birds trying to be somebody but couldn’t overcome being overshadowed by the theatricality of the new era movies and time and again proving in other acts or work just did not seem to be of any significance ,people always remember for the one he did not feel real , no one wants real every one wants to be in the world that is created by the handful of imaginative and that is attractive and is remembered and when it comes to talking about real thing in life and preacher of the same is forgotten.The actor seems to find no point in the end in anything and the “Birdman” never leaves because time and again he is only remembered for that .Loosing everything to try to do something real and meaning , loosing time that could have been spent with family to become something meaningful in life all of a sudden doesn’t seems to matter and after several thoughts he finally disappear into the void .Sun is about to set , will be a relief from the scorching heat and I see the light slowly fade away from my window and I rush to the front door of my room as this is the best time to see the “Golden shower tree” in the front yard ,it’s the most beautiful summer tree I can imagine with beautiful yellow flowers and the little kid playing with his cricket ball just hit the tree bark back and forth to make flower shower over him is purely serene.I took a deep breathe and another day ends and as night is changing the color of the sky, I see birds rushing back home, I wish to be one too.


4 thoughts on “Birdman

  1. I’ve never seen a parrot. Well, of course, I have, but it was at the zoo, and they were in a cage. I’ve never seen a mango (our local supermarket doesn’t count). So, you are lucky! β˜€πŸŽˆπŸŒ»

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