To an unknown route from daily life



Lately I haven`t been able to travel to different places as I once could so I made up my mind I will make sure I explore the unknown of the city , thus began taking the new route to home.

I decided ,during those hours of the day when several people rush to reach home after office, I will go to places I have never been and in a short span of an hour ,I would travel to these new places and since the city is connected via metro (subway) I can be on my route back anytime.

This is the least I can do for the traveler within me wanting to explore and travel.

Travelling to these places is still a thrilling experience as these places are so unique and were reflection of some history and stores in those places had unique stories,street food had unique taste and even though I had time constraint I am still able to make my heart beat fast taking those unknown routes and at times I get to talk to inspiring people like a girl with a unique store ,no where to be found easily in my city.

And when I rush back to metro and come out alive of those places makes me feel so insanely happy,its like a winning feeling over all those constraints that have made travel impossible for me lately and then I get back and stand among the crowd of people taking the same route to home from office everyday .


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