Revisiting College me for a weekend


This is the story where I mistaken a certain weekend meetup for professional where the main focus group was the kids who were either in school or in college still wondering what all opportunities life hold for them.

So I signed up for the meetup and thought it would be another meetup for entrepreneurs,and as I reached the venue still couldn’t figure out things, until how it started.

There was a cool music been played and the organizer danced a bit to freshen up the mood and I was like ..”whoaa..isn`t it suppose to be one of those serious life changing talks” and then the meet and greet activity started in a peculiar way .

We were given a task to know as many people in the rooms by finding whether they had performed a certain list of activities in their life so far.

Their were activities on the list like :

-Have done Paragliding


-Been to another country

-Play Piano

-Can speak 4 languages


and a lot more…

It was fun as everybody rushed into knowing as many people around them possible to complete the activity.

I enjoyed doing it a lot and by the end of the meet we were sharing a lot more ..”oh I know a person who possess pair of colorful socks..” and thus the process ended.

I never went to a weekend event before where we would know other people hobbies or remember some this way , it was a fun process overall.

Then when the first activity begin to happen early during the day , where every one was told to form group , I realized  ” oh my god, these are not professional but are either in school or college” and their was no way quitting during that part of the day, so I just breathe in and though now was feeling a bit embarrassed joined one of the group.

We were engaged in another team activity and were made to stand in face to face another person and say a few words complementing the other person and we did made up few good things to say to one another.

It was a weird thing but seeing the smile on the other girl face ,as I told her she had a great smile, made me happy.

Then we moved in the big conference room where the discussion started and I began to realize,maybe I am 27 year old but these kids and I are doing exactly the same thing , figuring out life and things we want to accomplish.

Yes the clear difference of the age existed but the air had a  different feeling in that room , as all the kids were actively participating in the conversation and I was listening to a girl still in school wanting to change world for real and their was a kid who has already created a project being now used and produced in masses by Pentagon to use for the military mission.

They were so young but so ahead in thinking what they want to accomplish and do in life,they showed up specially to be the part of the meet from different parts of the country.

I just loved their enthusiasm and as the speaker of the day , the organizer of the event started to speak ” Most of the people who are professional spend time drinking or partying over the weekend and here you guys will experience something that will forever change your life and trust me when you will after two days leave this meetup,you will have a different outlook for the world.”

I did not thoroughly understood him at that point of time,as I was already overwhelmed by the fact I might be the eldest to show up in the room and was just wishing nobody to figure it out and that I will leave at any chance possible.

Then the organizer and his Polish wife introduced us to some more warm up activities which were very funny to do and yes did make us more active.

We were being handed the essential book for being an entrepreneur though they clearly said they are not here to preach entrepreneurship but their motto was “Do What You Love” .


They taught to be true and not afraid and told us to write to ourself what is the better version we wish we would be.

While those words came out of their mouth I can feel the effect on me, I was so afraid to be embarrassed that I lied to people around that I am a post grad student.

I was finally feeling ashamed of what I did but then I ride along as it did not hurt anybody.

They did had amazing inspiring speaker who shared their life experience and maybe because they were interacting with the college students so they were also so informal,genuine and down to earth and responded to every kind of queries everyone had.

And so we had session with a series of speakers, people were filling sugar cubes(envelopes to write about someone something they liked) already and there were photo session happening .

I am a kind of person who is reluctant till been pushed and then I have been in events where no body care if you have been a part of something or not but during this meetup I can constantly feel the difference as the volunteers for the event were constantly pushing me to be a part of the activities and if they see me ignoring any of those they will make sure I did participate.

And towards the end of the first day we formed a team of people who would come up with some ideas to make our city a sustainable habitat.

And I met some of the best kids in the team I was part of.As it was the part where we were given a chance to show our entrepreneurial spirit,I had no choice but to show up the next day, but it was not the only reason,I was so much inspired by the enthusiasm of these kids , I couldn`t help but had to show up the next day.

That night I was just thinking , what happens to us, when we were young in college /schools we wanted to do so many things and then we take up a job and its new and exciting and then we do everything to be best at what we do just to impress our manager or get grades or raise.We in the process forget us and become mere employee and I am not saying its not that we don`t love our work, not even if what we are doing is right or wrong because at the end of the day ,yes we do have a family to look after or be independent on our own feet.But we compromise somewhere to give time to us , to do different activities ,maybe people do that but I am talking about the majority who just becomes the mere employee of the company and loose their individuality and when waken are either forty something have lost their youth or yeah then turn to entrepreneurial path but we do regret giving so much time for a company ,jeopardizing our health and family time for to earn a mere living.We are filled with insecurities and so many thing at our age we forget once we were those college students just living in the moments while still figuring our self but full of enthusiasm and belief not shaken by a certain type of life we start to live afterwards and full of so many possibilities and everything seemed possible.

Next day we had even more inspirational speaker who taught us to focus on small things to make big changes in life.

And all the while we were brainstorming on the ideas me and my team to make the city a sustainable habitat we had so much fun thinking of the most stupid to the most serious type of idea.

I liked the discussion we got in with our mentors and within ourself,I liked the fact till the last moment we spent time designing the logo for the company and the comments we received on our idea.

I liked the fun we were making of the ideas of the people who came before us and that we didn’t mean anything just made some jokes not afraid to be made off as well.

It was coming to end and finally I did show up for the photo session with the funny prop they had in place and yeah I wrote in to every person I had chance to meet to fill their sugar cubes.

There was a surprise video at the end with we all in it as they captured our moments we spent there and I was there in that too, lately because I am not that fair people had been cropping me from their meetup pics , I remember going to one on “Women Empowerment-and yep in the photograph every one was visible where I was magically taken out”.

Anyways, here I had a moment for almost 5 sec alone on the clip and they shared pics where I was part too.I liked the fact they did not judge and we shared and laughed and honestly those two days at the meetup changed me and filled me with enthusiasm and made me come home and take my guitar and play.

I knew it wouldn’t last ,the enthusiasm, because of the phase of the life I was living at that point but that night I made sure I documented the day and what a wonderful thing it was to live those care free day even though it was just a weekend but yeah to revisit the college me was a wonderful experience and now make me think of today me and yep even though that day was over and yep there are so many people around me who try break my spirit everyday , I just like to revisit what I wrote and live bits of it.

Maybe as I read in one of the article, if we can think of positive things and have plan and have a willingness,kindness and desire to work for change , it will come you in the end,so yep revisiting those moments are positive and learning from those days doesn’t depend on any age and I know I will be back on my feet and relive even if this phase of life is dark, but it will end .


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