Born and I breathe, I am raw and I am the most pure in every form imaginable.I am not tarnished by being bias,prejudice or result of circumstances that will make me perceived as Bad,Good or Coward.

I am in Harmony with the nature.

Then comes the time when starting at the home I start asking for the most basic thing with the most basic power I own my voice, I cry for it.

Days go by I start to learn about the world around me, its rule , things been differentiated as good or bad and lots and lots of things brought to this world by the whole human species together.

I decide what of them will make me interested,what will be my phobia what will be the taste of food I will hate and what will be the taste of the food I will love.

My life will be the sum total of all the things that I will choose consciously or sub consciously to happen to me.

I will reason ,regret and be satisfied with I will do.

This is when I will no more be that raw anymore I will be the person painted with so many things of the world and I will have a reason to compete , to fight , to kill and to make new discoveries and to rape.

This is me Human who will not stop till the world is all tattered on its knees and I will not stop there I will invade other Planets and will work every bit so that I SURVIVE and want some more.

And if that desire of “WANTING” is not enough I will try looking for peace become the traveler and will start looking for meaning and will start the relationship of Harmony with Nature again and will start to make this world a better place by trying to undo the wronging of my species.

I will thus become peaceful inside and out one way and will win over the universe other way and when I open those eyes for the first time in my very raw form its hard to predict what will I be.



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