Watching “Room” made me think a lot about my life lately.We live in the confine room of the world.80% of the population is working giving up on things they would otherwise do just to earn a daily living and the 20% are reaping the hardwork of those hard working people.In a way we all break at the end of the day in many ways,we are scared of things going in different direction ,trying to seize moment thinking their will never be enough of those,the scarcity of being able to find happiness ,scarcity of time and not living a particular way today to have a tomorrow.

Its been two year and I dont even remember the last time I sat and talked to a friend,Truth is ,I never did, I was so soaked in the dogma of life that I never got enough time to breathe.I was scared,impatient only to learn Patience is the biggest factor in anything we pursue.To only learn I wasnt really living and that their was never a scarcity but their was a big waste of time.

What is this world we live in,most of us start with the question who we are, and others are driven by some motives and know exactly what they want but they are living  momentary success and happiness .Is that all the life has to offer today , the uncertainity of dying in a road accident,calling us becoming social by living on social network, doing god knows what and we than feel a feeling of greatness by rectifying our mistakes and thus become THE GREAT.

Rule of society were laid down to provide the guidelines to avoid a chaotic living situation of the unknown and it seems to be failing big time recently.It does has many loopholes and there are many suicide in the recent days by the people failing to live and think of life beyond that society ,beyond the mocking up.

Maybe our minds have become confined too, thats why we need to travel to see that their is a life beyond the obvious and that things are possible beyond the obvious.




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